Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Pakistan Floods 2011

The recent floods have affected about 4.5 million people in different districts of Sindh, while majority of rural areas in interior Sindh have been hit by this natural calamity.  

Call For Action:
Media must start an effective and well coordinated campaign for floods.The people of Pakistan , especially of Sindh are twice hit by the floods and one must come up with a media strategy for this. We must help the government in tackling this natural disaster, as Governments alone cannot cope with such a devastation alone, anywhere in world.There is no time for point scoring by political parties and no diversion from media.Media have to reach out to affected areas and invest something. People of Pakistan are tired of being being fooled by media on issues like Karachi massacre. Is there any talk show on how to save the environment, efficient use of energy or controlling food prices etc?